Deck Overview

This 7-win budget Quick Constructed deck wins with the reliability mono color, low cost cards.  It capitalizes off of cards with lifelink to stay ahead of your opponent and embalm to keep minions on the board. Often, this deck wins by either outpacing your opponent or going wide with the deck’s finisher combo. The finisher combo is the reusable Trial of Solidarity.



Budget Mono White

Creatures (24)
Adanto Vanguard
Bishop’s Soldier
Duskborne Skymarcher
Sacred Cat
Gust Walker
Skymarcher Aspirant

Spells (14)
Trial of Solidarity
Cartouche of Solidarity
Squire’s Devotion
Seal Away

Lands (22)
Shefet Dunes
18 Plains



Tips & Replacements

Remember that it’s possible to use Trial of Solidary twice in one turn (if mana allows).  It’s also possible to return two Trials with a single cartouche. Squire’s Devotion is especially powerful with Adanto Vanguard as the damage dealt directly equals the cost to activate indestructable.

If you’re short on cards, adding in any cheap white creature will work. Flying and lifelink are both valuable.

If you’re looking to improve the deck, consider adding in Adorned Pouncer or mixing in blue unblockables with Cartouche of Knowledge and/or Curious Obsession  .

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