Conceding early in Magic Arena can sometimes seem like the kindness. Other times frustration can get the best of us, causing players to “rage quit,” but there are few reasons not to rush your decision to click that “Concede” button too early:

  1. Your opponent may not see what you see. This can lead too missing lethal and open a window for you to snatch victory.
  2. Your opponent may make a misplay. Most players aren’t perfect. Sometimes players can make game losing mistakes, even when victory seems inevitable.
  3. Comebacks happen. Sometimes big swings happen in Magic. Drawing the right card at the right time can completely turn game around, even after defeat seemed certain.

Check out the video above for an example of each scenario. Does this mean you should never concede? Of course. There are situations where losses are truly inevitable. The lesson here is simply don’t jump the gun and cost yourself a potential victory. This goes double if you’re in an event or important ladder match.